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Pitlochry to host Finance Committee

Pitlochry’s Festival Theatre will be the venue for the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee next Monday (18 January) as it questions Deputy First Minister and Finance Secretary, John Swinney, on his final Scottish budget before May’s elections.

The committee will quiz Mr Swinney on the SNP Government’s spending plans for the coming year 2016-17. MSPs will also hear from representatives of the Scottish Futures Trust, the body responsible for overseeing major capital infrastructure projects.

Local businesses, school pupils and third sector representatives have been invited to take part in workshop discussions on the budget and its impact on the people of Pitlochry and the surrounding area.

Kenneth Gibson MSP, Convener of the Finance Committee, said:

“Our committee plays a vital role in scrutinising the SNP Government’s budget and we’ve made a point of holding our evidence sessions with the Finance Secretary in communities around the country, allowing us to question the Government’s spending plans in a local context.

“Pitlochry is situated in the heart of Scotland and is a key hub for tourism, hospitality and the whisky industry. The committee wants to hear local views on the SNP Government’s spending priorities at its workshops. I hope Pitlochry residents and representatives of local businesses will come along to watch the committee’s meeting with the Finance Secretary which is free to all members of the public.”


The workshops and committee meeting are being held at the Festival Theatre, Port na Craig, Pitlochry. The formal meeting of the Committee is open to members of the public and is free to attend. Tickets can be reserved by contacting the Parliament’s Visitor Services team or 0131 348 5200 or freephone 0800 092 7600 and can be picked up on the day.

The Finance Committee is responsible for scrutinising public spending and examining the Scottish Government’s £30 billion draft budget.

For further information on the work of the Finance Committee, please visit the Committee’s webpages.


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