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Project 97

Project 75 highlights the fact that one double-decker bus can take up to 75 cars off the road.

Choosing to travel by bus, rather than relying on cars for every journey, is a better choice for our road networks and the environment.

Not only is it positive for our net zero goals, but by providing positive bus infrastructure and changes on our road systems, we can combat congestion, pollutants and carbon emissions, making our cities a greener, better place.

First Bus asked MSPs to sign up to the “Project 75” pledge to help buses beat blockages in our towns and cities by:

• Pledging to invest in cleaner technologies, such as electric and hydrogen fuel-cell buses, and implement measures to optimize bus operations and reduce emissions.

• Advocating for policies that prioritise investment in bus infrastructure, which will improve bus service reliability, and incentivise modal shift.

I was happy to sign up to the delivery of these goals.


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