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Proposals for New Bill to tackle Misogyny

Plans for future legislation are part of the SNP Government’s official response to the independent working group on misogyny.

A new Bill to tackle misogyny is being considered by Scottish Ministers as part of these proposals.

Chaired by Baroness Kennedy QC, the group’s report recommended a number of new offences to criminalise specific forms of misogynistic conduct – including stirring up hatred against women and public sexual harassment of women.

The SNP Government has accepted the recommendations are pivotal in challenging misogyny and will develop draft legislative provisions for public consultation.

The timing of a final Bill will be considered as part of the SNP Government’s future legislative programme.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The independent report rightly recognises the need to address misogyny and makes a compelling case for creating new laws to tackle this unacceptable conduct.

“With this a substantial and significant report it will take time to work through the recommendations in discussion with key partners, but the resulting legislation will help send a clear message that male attitudes which emanate from prejudice and misogyny have no place in North Ayrshire or Scotland.”

The independent working group report recommends the creation of new criminal law provisions in four areas:

  • the creation of a new statutory aggravation to relate to misogynistic conduct where a crime such as assault, criminal damage/vandalism or threatening or abusive behaviour is aggravated by misogyny

  • the creation of a new offence of Stirring Up Hatred Against Women

  • the creation of a new offence of Public Sexual Harassment of Women

  • the creation of a new offence of Issuing Threats of, or Invoking, Rape or Sexual Assault or Disfigurement of Women and Girls online and offline



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