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Public Trust SNP Government Three Times as Much as UK Tory Government

Public trust in the SNP Government to act in the best interests of the country remains significantly higher than in the UK Tory Government, according to the latest Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (SSA).

People were nearly five times more likely to say the SNP Government should have most influence over how the country is run than the UK Tory Government.

The 2017 survey, conducted by ScotCen Social Research, measured public attitudes towards trust in government, influence over how Scotland is run, and the Scottish Parliament.

The survey furthermore showed that 61% trusted the SNP Government to work in Scotland’s best interests compared to 20% for the UK Tory Government and nearly three-quarters believed the SNP Government ought to have most influence over the way Scotland is run compared to 15% who said the UK Tory Government.

Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution Derek Mackay MSP said:

“These figures show we are maintaining the trust of the Scottish people. They demonstrate without question that our priorities and budget decisions are in line with what the public expect – improving education, growing the economy and protecting frontline health service.

“Not only do the figures vindicate the decisive, fair action taken by the SNP Government, they also demonstrate public support for it having the greatest influence over how Scotland is run. It is essential that the UK Tory Government reflects this strength of public feeling and responds to our demands on fairer immigration policies, reversing austerity and halting the Brexit power grab on devolved responsibilities.

“We will keep working hard to maintain the trust the public has placed in us, especially as we – and indeed the whole of the UK – face uncertain times.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“Looking at the difference in policy and attitude towards citizens between our SNP Government and the blinkered UK Tory Government, these figures are understandable.

“While the Tories down south have subjected us to continued austerity, Brexit insecurity and the disaster that is Universal Credit, the SNP Government in Scotland has been busy becoming a world leader in innovative and renewable energy policies, narrowing the attainment gap and reducing crime level to an all-time low – all while protecting our NHS.

“Add to that the increasing disdain Westminster displays to the Scottish Parliament and it becomes a no-brainer who can be trusted to make Scotland the fair and progressive nation it wants to be.”



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