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Record High NHS Workforce

The latest figures from Information Services Division have shown that the NHS workforce has grown by 12,430 to a record high under the SNP.

Commenting on the latest quarterly workforce figures for NHS Scotland, Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

NHS staffing in Scotland is at a record high and has increased by over 12,430 since the SNP came to office in 2007.

This has been backed by our record investment in the NHS, supporting more doctors, nurses and midwives looking after the people of Scotland.

The SNP Government will go further and utilise the planned Safe Staffing legislation to ensure Scotland has the right staff, with the right skills, in the right place.

Firm action is being taken to recruit, develop and retain the next generation of health service workers. Just this week Universities and Colleges Admissions Service figures showed the highest ever number of acceptances to study nursing at Scottish universities, with an 8% increase, compared to a 3% decrease in England. In Scotland, we have retained bursaries for our nursing and midwifery students as well as making sure their tuition is free, whereas the UK Government has scrapped bursaries and brought in tuition fees for nursing students in England.

To support our ambitions further, the SNP Government has increased nursing and midwifery intakes by 4.7% this year, the fifth successive rise. We are also creating 2,600 extra training places over the course of this Parliament as part of a wider package to recruit and retain nurses, introduced initiatives to support more nurses back into practice and created new opportunities to expand and diversify medical degrees at our universities.”

ISD 'Workforce – Quarterly update of Staff in Post, Vacancies and Turnover' figures show:

  • As at 30 September 2017, total staff paid directly by NHS Scotland is now at 162,695 (139,492.1 working time equivalent, WTE).

  • This is up 503 (560.7 WTE) from the last quarter, and up 889 (840.9 WTE) compared to the same time last year.

  • Since September 2006, NHS Scotland staff have numbers have increased by 12,743 (12,430.2 WTE), up 8.5% (up 9.8% WTE).



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