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Record Investment in Green Industries under the SNP


A new report from Skills Development Scotland shows that up to £90 billion of investment in green industries is coming to Scotland from projects starting in the next 3 years and continuing over the next decade, with most of the money being spent in energy transition, transport, and construction.

Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan Pathfinder: A Dynamic Skills Response to Supporting the Transition to Net Zero examined known investment, skills demand now and in the future, and current training and learning support for green skills.

The research shows £58.5 billion (65% of all known green investment) is going towards the energy transition, mostly to offshore wind.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson MSP said: “This report reveals the real transformation happening in Scotland, with huge advancements in vital infrastructure and adaptation of our workforce to facilitate a just transition to net zero.

“This is a hugely significant investment in Scotland’s green energy future.

The continued growth in public and private backing for a just transition has been nothing short of astonishing and is yet further evidence of what is possible under an SNP Government that stands firm in its resolve to tackle climate change, unlike the UK Tory Government at Westminster.

“The SNP Government is leading the way, with the First Minister representing Scotland’s leading role at COP28 this week and a new Green Industrial Strategy in the works as yet further progress towards achieving our ambitious goal of net zero by 2045.“Scotland is already an international leader – imagine what would be possible with the full powers of independence.”

More information and the report in full can be found via the following link

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