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Record Number of Emergency Crews Recruited in Scotland

The Scottish Ambulance Service recruited a record number of frontline emergency staff last year, backed by £20 million of SNP Scottish Government funding. Last year, 540 members of staff were recruited across the ambulance service, including 414 technicians, 58 newly-qualified paramedics and 25 paramedics. It is expected that the same number of staff will be recruited in 2022/23.

Of the new intake, 237 are based in the west, 192 in the east and 111 in the north. The SNP Government committed £20 million in supporting the ambulance service through the pandemic, which was on top of another £20 million already committed as part of the NHS Recovery Plan.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Our emergency workers have been under incredible pressure throughout the pandemic and they made an invaluable effort to ensure patients across North Ayrshire and Scotland were seen and treated as quickly as possible.

“This record recruitment follows on from the investment given to it by the SNP Scottish Government and the action it took to support the service.

“In Scotland, health workers, including emergency staff are the best paid in the UK and this year they receive the biggest pay rise since the history of devolution.

“Health spending is also the highest in Scotland per head, but the SNP Government continues be dependent on the budgetary constraints that come from Westminster control. Imagine what we could do with full control.”



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