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Remembering HMS Dasher

Today I participated, with Patricia Gibson MP, Royal British Legion Scotland, representatives of the armed forces, the Deputy Provost of North Ayrshire and many others in HMS Dasher’s 81st Anniversary Remembrance Service.

Led by Canon Matt McManus, those gathered remembered the 379 crewmen, many only in their late teens and early twenties, who died on 27 March 1943 when aircraft carrier HMS Dasher inexplicably exploded.

We also recalled the 149 survivors, many badly injured, who have now all gone to join their shipmates.

And the heroism of so many local people from Ardrossan and Saltcoats who rushed to save the survivors, many of whom were rescued from a Clyde covered in burning oil, providing urgent medical assistance to the seamen immediately they arrived ashore.

Today’s event was a solemn occasion with many determined to ensure that the Dasher and those who lost their lives that fateful day will never be forgotten.


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