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Renewable Electricity Generation in Scotland at a Record High

Renewable electricity generation in Scotland has reached a new record high, with production up 13% in the first quarter of this year, compared to the first quarter of 2016.

There was also a 16% increase in capacity and more than half of all gross electricity consumption in Scotland continues to come from renewables, according to the UK Department for Business and Energy. Kenneth Gibson said:

Scotland’s total installed renewable capacity, that’s the amount of renewable electricity we are capable of producing, now stands at 9.3 GigaWatts, four times what it was only a decade ago when the SNP came into office.

These figures reinforce our country’s reputation as a renewable energy powerhouse and are a vindication of the SNP Government’s energy policy. It’s important to remember the renewable electricity sector supports 26,000 jobs and has a turnover of over £5,000 million. This will grow further as new capacity comes on stream. That’s why we are determined to ensure that clean, renewable power remains a key and growing component of our energy strategy, despite the UK Government’s withdrawal of vital funding.



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