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Rise in Support for Scottish Independence Welcomed

Kenneth Gibson has welcomed a poll that shows growing support for Scottish independence following Friday's referendum result.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also polled most favourably of the political leaders in the referendum ahead of David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson.

The research conducted by ScotPulse interviewed 1600 people throughout Scotland on Friday following the vote to leave the EU.

Of those interviewed, 59% stated they would vote for independence tomorrow, a figure that increases to 65% if undecided voters are excluded, with around half of all voters saying the Brexit result has made them more likely to vote for Scottish independence.

The survey found that 62%, of those asked agreed that the First Minister is right to prepare for a possible second Scottish independence referendum. A majority also agreed that legal powers to call for a new referendum should be transferred from Westminster to Holyrood.

Voting trends showed younger voters are increasingly leaning towards independence, with 73% of under-25's saying they would vote Yes if there was a vote tomorrow.

The SNP manifesto on which the SNP was elected pledged that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to table another referendum on Scottish independence should there be a material change in circumstances, including Scotland being pulled out of the EU against its collective will.

Kenneth Gibson commented:

“This poll is a strong endorsement of the First Minister and shows that when faced with the choice between being taken out of the EU against our will or continuing as an outward looking, independent member of the European Union, more and more people are open to the possibilities independence brings.

“At a time when the UK Government and Labour are in chaos, this poll shows people back Nicola Sturgeon’s strong and stable leadership and support her decision to ensure a second independence referendum is firmly on the table, exploring all options to protect Scotland’s relationship with Europe.”


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