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Safer Sleep for Babies

The Scottish Government and NHS Safer Sleep for Babies have launched a new campaign to help parents and carers prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Although sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is now very rare, over 200 babies still die every year. Yet we now have accurate information about how and where babies die and research that tells us how to prevent them dying. The number of babies who die of SIDS could be reduced dramatically if families followed three key pieces of advice:

  • Put them on their BACK for every sleep


  • Keep them SMOKE-FREE day and night

Resources were developed in partnership with the Lullaby Trust, UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative and BASIS the Baby Sleep Information Source based at Durham University. The resources include a guide for parents and carers, a guide for professionals and a quick reference card and are additionally endorsed by the third sector organisations Held in Our Hearts, Twins Trust and Bliss Scotland. For more information,visit The Lullaby Trust - Safer Sleep Advice and BASIS – Baby Sleep Information Source. ENDS


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