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Scam Awareness Month

Kenneth Gibson is urging organisations and consumers to beware of phone scammers who impact on millions of across the country. An annual campaign is organised by Citizens Advice in partnership with Trading Standards and private businesses, which reached over a million Scots last year, and will run from 04 to 31 July. This year’s campaign will focus on tackling under-reporting and stigma and promoting the campaign’s key theme, "Play your part, act on scams". Kenneth said:

"Phone scams are very common and can affect anyone.

"Unfortunately, it is often the most vulnerable in society who fall victim. For those affected, scams are not a minor inconvenience: they cause distress and misery, and can ruin lives. Falling victim to scams is avoidable if you have the right knowledge. Those taking part in this campaign, will help to raise awareness on how people can protect themselves and those in their families and communities who are less able to spot scams." The Citizen Advice campaign hopes to improve people’s ability to spot a scam, inform them how to report one and encourage the public to talk about scamming. If you have an individual concern about phone scamming or concerns about someone you know, please visit citizen’s advice website at: or phone: 03454 040506.



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