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Scotland accounts for 30% of Entire UK Food and Drink Exports

The Food & Drink Federation’s 2021 UK Food and Drinks Exports report has confirmed that last year, Scotland continued to punch above its weight in terms of Food and Drink exports compared to other parts of the UK.

Scotland accounts for the largest share (30%) of UK food and drink exports, a £5.7 billion increase from 2020 (15%).

According to the report, Scotland’s recovery has been largely driven by a strong return to growth in exports of beverages and seafood products, with both up 16%.

Given the global strength of Scotch Whisky exports, Scotland’s biggest export category is beverages, which makes up almost three quarters of total exports.

France is Scotland’s largest export partner, overtaking the USA, with exports now worth more than £1 billion.

It is furthermore noted that Scotland’s exports to China nearly doubled in 2021 to nearly £225 million, making up 4% of Scotland’s food and drink exports.

The North East of England, Wales and Scotland have seen the strongest recovery in response to the challenges of COVID and the new UK-EU trading relationship.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The fact that Scotland is recovering so well compared to other parts of the UK, despite Brexit and the pandemic, tells us a lot about how resilient our businesses are, the recognition of the resources and quality produce Scotland has to offer, and effectiveness of financial support deployed by the SNP Government.

“Behind these figures are jobs and people, and it’s heartening to see the Scottish food and drink sector on its way to recovery. Onwards and upwards.”

The report can be accessed here.



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