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Scotland generated Near Quarter of All UK Renewable Energy in 2020

Nearly a quarter of the UK’s renewable energy in 2020 was generated in Scotland.

Scotland produced 32,031.2 GWh - 23.8% - of the UK’s total renewable energy total in 2020, despite accounting for only 8% of the UK population.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“These figures confirm why, as Scotland moves away from oil and gas, securing a Just Transition for workers into our booming renewables sector is essential.

“Yet, while we are more than punching above our weight, Scotland faces the highest charges in the UK to connect to the energy grid - while the south of England are paid to connect.

“Despite consistent calls by SNP Government Ministers and MPs, the Tories refuse to change this – it’s not happening in their own constituencies after all.

“With the full levers of independence, Scotland will have the power to decarbonise even faster; securing a greener, fairer and more sustainable future for generations to come.”



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