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Scotland has the Right to choose its Own Future, Whatever That might be

Regardless of one’s views on independence, Scotland surely has the right to choose its own future?

In reality, if the SNP secures an overall majority on Thursday, we will have a democratic mandate to decide our own future - and we will, once we are through the pandemic, setting out a full economic prospectus.

Other parties say “the time is not right.” For them it never is. And never will be.

The Union between Scotland and England is supposedly one of consent. Equal partners. Does anyone actually believe that we currently are?

Boris Johnson arrogantly said that Scotland would not be “permitted” to decide its own future until 2055. Although adamantly contending that he will deny us the right to hold an independence referendum regardless of election results, the Tory campaign declares that only a vote for them will prevent it. Both cannot be right!

Former Tory Prime Minister John Major said “Scotland cannot be kept forever in an arrangement if her people wish to end it. It’s unwise to dismiss Scottish ambitions, or delay any vote.”

Labour’s leader in Scotland Anas Sarwar sacked his party’s candidate for Kelvin merely for suggesting that Scotland had the right to hold an independence referendum if pro-independence parties secure a majority, an action described by Labour MSP Neil Findlay as “outrageous”.

As for the Liberal Democrats, they have neither a liberal nor democratic position and take the Tory/Labour line.

What does it say about these parties that they believe Scotland should not even have the right to choose its own future? Nor will they say what alternative, legal path Scotland could take to independence, if there is a majority for it, if not by winning elections?

The pandemic’s end will provide opportunities to reimagine our country and build a better nation where we elect our own independent governments to serve the Scottish people and deliver a fairer, greener, more equal and prosperous Scotland.

To ensure the choice is Scotland’s to make, cast both your constituency and Regional List Vote for the SNP on Thursday. #BothVotesSNP


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