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Scotland’s Infrastructure Investment Highest in UK

Infrastructure output per person is higher in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK, according to new research by the Scape Group, a public-sector procurement specialist. Scotland saw 54% more infrastructure investment than London last year. ​

According to the research, Scotland has consistently enjoyed substantial construction investment; some £36,090 million since 1997, £6,679 per person and the highest anywhere in the UK. ​

Scottish infrastructure investment has risen from £1,090 million in 1997 to £2,740 million in 2017. ​

In London infrastructure investment had spiked from 2010 to 2012, closely aligned to the Olympic Games and Crossrail. It has since dropped down to pre-2010 levels.

Mark Robinson, Scape group chief executive, said:

“To encourage the increased delivery of infrastructure in areas where output has been low in recent years we need to continue to drive forward the devolution agenda.” ​

“With Brexit negotiations ongoing, it is more vital than ever that Great Britain demonstrates its economic strength, reverse the negative swing in Foreign Direct Investment and prove that, we have an infrastructure plan in place to keep UK Plc in business.” ​

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“From the new Queensferry Crossing to our ambitious affordable housing programme, the SNP Government has shown its commitment to investing in the nation’s infrastructure.

“The positive impact for wider society during the planning, delivery and end-use of infrastructure projects should not be under-estimated. Such projects directly and indirectly create training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities for local communities and beyond. ​

“Small and medium size enterprise engagement across construction is so important and we need to create an environment where their involvement is encouraged and procurement opened up.”



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