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Scotland’s Murder Rate Continues to Fall

The number of murders in Scotland has fallen, a new report, ‘Homicide in Scotland’, reveals.

In the year to the end of March, 57 victims of homicide (murders and culpable homicides) were recorded - down five on the previous 12 months.

This is the lowest number of recorded homicide cases for a single 12-month period since 1976 and half the figure of nine years ago when the SNP came to office.

Said Kenneth Gibson:

"Year on year Scotland is becoming a safer and safer place.

"From knife to drug crime and from assault to homicide, all have declined steeply under the SNP's watch, proving that even in challenging economic times we were right to add and retain a further 1,000 police officers to serve the public.

"Too many crimes are still committed and so whilst these figures are heartening, there is no room for complacency and work is continuing to make our communities safer, year on year."



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