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Scotland's Only Labour MP Calls on His Party’s Voters to Back Tories


Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP’s anti-Tory election launch has been undermined by long-standing critic Ian Murray MP.

According to reports in today’s Guardian Labour’s last remaining MP in Scotland has said he supports tactical voting to defeat the SNP. In a desperate attempt to save his seat Mr Murray is begging the Tories to lend him their support in exchange for Labour backing Tory candidates standing against SNP MPs.

Mr Murray is a vocal critic of Mr Corbyn’s leadership and participated in the 2016 coup, standing down from his frontbench role as Shadow Scottish Secretary and saying Mr Corbyn “just can't lead the Labour Party and I don't think the public think he can be Prime Minister."

Commenting Kenneth Gibson said:

"This is an astonishing plea for a pact with the Tories from Labour's last remaining MP in Scotland, whose priority in this election is saving his own skin.

"Ian Murray is utterly indifferent to keeping the Tories out of Downing Street, having made it clear he doesn't see his own leader as a serious candidate for Prime Minister.

“A vote for the Tories in the forthcoming General Election is not a cost-free option. It is a vote for a strengthened Tory government that would be free to plough ahead with further austerity, deeper cuts, a hard Brexit and more disgraceful policies like the rape clause.

"Labour has learned absolutely nothing from their ongoing decline and their continued role as apologists-in-chief for the Tories will be met with utter disdain by Scottish voters.” ‘Ian Murray takes devastating swipe at Jeremy Corbyn as he resigns from Shadow Cabinet’



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