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Scotland’s Pupils Benefit from ‘Active Schools’ Sports Programme

The number of schoolchildren taking part in a project to encourage sport and physical activity is at an all-time high, according to Scotland's national sports agency.

SportScotland said its Active Schools initiative, supported by the SNP Government, has seen a 5% increase in numbers over the past year to a record-breaking 309,000.

SportScotland chair Mel Young said:

"The success of Active Schools is the result of strong local partnerships between Active Schools teams, school staff, sports development teams in local authorities, regional managers from the governing bodies, and local sports clubs.”

"By working together, we can deliver more and better opportunities for young people of all abilities to take part in sport as these latest figures show.

"It is also rewarding to see the impact of programmes like Active Schools on the lives of the young people who take part, increasing their confidence and motivating them to continue an active lifestyle in the future."

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“By 2019 the SNP Government will have invested £50 million over four years in the Active Schools programme and in July of this year, it published Scotland’s Physical Activity Delivery Plan which continues a holistic approach to increase physical activity.

“I would especially encourage people from deprived areas to engage with sport through the programme, as they traditionally have had a lower uptake and the programme can help to raise attainment.

“Figures also show that girls have been less likely to take up sports than boys and would like to see them be more active too.

“It is very telling that an independent survey of more than 4,000 school pupils showed that 98% of Active Schools participants felt healthier thanks to their involvement in the activities, 94% were motivated to be more active in the future and 92% felt more confident.

“This will have a positive impact on all other aspects of their lives already and, if regular exercise remains a lifelong habit, the benefits to their physical and mental health and wellbeing will stretch well beyond their school years. That’s what this is all about.”


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