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Scots Taxpayers Save an Average £478 a Year


Scottish taxpayers continue to receive the best deal anywhere in the UK thanks to progressive SNP policies.

Figures supplied by the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), show that council tax bills in Scotland will continue to be significantly lower than in England, with an average Band D household paying £478 a year less in council tax in Scotland.

The figures also show that the gap between council tax bills in England and Scotland is growing year on year, as the Tories seek to plug gaps south of the border caused by their tax cuts for the wealthy.

A majority of Scots – 55% - will pay less in income tax if they lived elsewhere in the UK, thanks to the SNP Government’s budget, while 70% of taxpayers will pay less than last year.

Scotland’s public services are also significantly stronger than elsewhere in the UK, with taxpayers benefitting from progressive policies such as free prescriptions, free eye and dental check-ups, free personal care for the elderly, free university tuition, baby boxes and the best performing NHS in the UK.

Commenting, Kenneth Gibson MSP, said:

“As these latest figures show, Scottish taxpayers receive the best deal of anywhere in the UK.

“Not only are council tax bills lower than they are in England – by £478 a year on average for a Band D property, a gap that is growing as the Tories continue to hike council tax bills south of the border – the majority of income tax payers will also pay less than they would if they lived elsewhere in the UK.

“While the Tories obsessively argue for tax cuts for the wealthiest that would mean £556 million less for our schools, hospitals and other vital public services, the SNP Government progressive and sensible tax regime that delivers for Scotland.

“Let’s not forget the public services we receive in return for this; from free prescriptions and free university tuition to baby boxes and the best performing NHS in the UK.

“Opposition parties can carp from the sidelines all they like, but the figures speak for themselves, and the SNP will continue to work to deliver for the people of Scotland, even in these challenging times.”



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