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Scottish Child Payment helps 3,460 North Ayrshire Families

3,460 North Ayrshire families have received the SNP Government’s Scottish Child Payment since its introduction in February.

So far, across Scotland 108,000 children have benefitted from the payment which provides families with an extra £10-a-week per eligible child.

According to Scottish Fiscal Commission forecasts published last week, the £10 per week benefit, unique to Scotland, has the potential to help around 133,000 children per year.

The Scottish Child Payment supports low-income families with children aged under six. It provides regular, additional financial support for families in receipt of qualifying benefits to assist with the costs of caring for a child.

The payment will be made available to children aged 6-15 by the end of 2022.

Parents and carers are able to apply for all eligible children in their household in a single application and can also apply for other benefits for children under six - Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods at the same time.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“Not only is the Scottish Child Payment giving low-income families extra support, but coupled with other payments such as the Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods, eligible families could receive up to £5,200 extra by the time their child turns six.

“In addition, this SNP Government is committed to doubling the Scottish Child Payment to £20 within this Parliament.

“In Scotland, we are building a social security system built on fairness, dignity and respect. Contrast that with the system at Westminster where the Tories are planning to cut Universal Credit at a time when vulnerable families need it most.

“If you live in North Ayrshire and you think you may be eligible, please do apply by phoning Social Security Scotland (free) on 0800 182 2222.”


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