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Scottish Health Technologies Group Recommends Prescription of Freestyle Libre for Diabetes Patients

Freestyle Libre sensors are a flash glucose monitoring technology which allows people with diabetes to self-manage their condition without regular finger-prick tests. NHS Ayrshire and Arran is leading the way in improving the daily lives of patients across Ayrshire by allowing this innovative technology on prescription.

However, not all health boards in Scotland currently offer this technology, which is easier to use, less painful and is cost-effective for people with diabetes who are treated with insulin and test frequently.

Kenneth Gibson MSP raised the inequality in access to Freestyle Libre at General Questions on 28 June, when Public Health Minister Joe Fitzpatrick MSP advised that it was a matter for individual health boards, many of whom were awaiting Scottish Health Technologies Group (SHTG) statement on the matter.

Following a statement published on 13 July, SHTG is now recommending that all health boards in Scotland offer this technology on prescription as it is proven to be of benefit to individuals with diabetes who are actively engaged in the management of their condition.

Commenting on the statement, Kenneth Gibson said:

“The SHTG plays a key role in providing advice on the evidence on the clinical and cost effectiveness of innovative technologies, therefore this statement provides a strong basis for all NHS boards to offer flash glucose monitoring systems on prescription.

“I trust all that health boards will take this recommendation forward and adopt Freestyle Libre to improve the quality of life for all diabetes patients in Scotland.”



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