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Scottish Households Pay the Highest Electricity Bills in the World

New City AM research has found that people in the UK pay the highest electricity bills anywhere on the planet.

The data, compiled by boiler manufacturer BOXT, also shows that Scots households pay even higher energy bills on average than those in England and Wales because it’s colder here.

People in the UK pay an average of 19.31p per kWh of electricity compared to 13.58p in Germany and 11.05p in France.

While electricity prices have increased across Europe due to reduced gas supply from Russia following the illegal invasion of Ukraine, the UK is particularly exposed to high gas prices because of short-sighted Tory energy policies that mean around 40% of electricity is generated in gas-fired power stations. Closure of gas storage facilities in 2017 means the UK is particularly vulnerable to oscillating gas prices.

It’s clear that energy rich Scotland is being held back by a UK Tory Government which has put the handbrake on Scottish renewables investment.

We all know that Scotland has the potential to boost our renewable energy output to provide additional economic benefits through lower energy prices over time and greater resilience with reduced exposure to international shocks.

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