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Scottish Renewables Warns UK Government

Trade body Scottish Renewables (SR) which represents more than 300 organisations in the clean energy sector has written a letter to warn the UK Government that it will have to “forfeit” its position as a world leader in the renewable energy sector unless an “urgent strategy” is put in place.

SR has also set out recommendations to level the playing field for renewable energy projects in Scotland – which can help to lower bills, secure energy supply and transition to net-zero.

The letter from SR chief executive Claire Mack reads: "Increased development costs are keenly felt in Scotland where offshore windfarms are 20% more expensive than those in English waters due to outdated Transmission Network Use of System charges, with catastrophic future projections announced this month by the Electricity Systems Operator.”

Last month, Morag Watson, director of policy at SR, said the reforms were “catastrophic” as it told investors that “no new projects should be built in Scotland.”


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