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’Scottish Six’ News Programme Approved

The prospect of a full “Scottish Six” news programme will come a step closer, having been given the go-ahead by Westminster’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee.

Scotland should get its own hour-long BBC news bulletin, with news priorities chosen north of the border, to replace the BBC News at Six and Reporting Scotland. The new programme could be on air as early as next year.

The committee’s report states:

“Following the trial of three different pilot formats, the BBC should proceed with a ‘Scottish Six’: a television news programme anchored in Scotland, with a running order of Scottish, UK and international stories based on news merit, drawing on all the BBC’s facilities, and broadcast from Scotland.”

Added Kenneth Gibson:

"It's about time! How often have Scots watched the UK news only to find the main story to be about the junior doctors dispute or some argument about academy schools. Neither of these issues is directly relevant to a devolved Scotland but can often worry people who may think that when junior doctors take industrial action Scottish patients will have their operations cancelled or when the (English) National Union of Teachers is considering industrial action their children will be affected.

"In short, a Scottish Six will allow Scottish, UK and world news to be covered from the Scottish perspective."



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