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Scottish SPCA is Scotland’s emergency service for animals – rescuing and re-homing animals and reducing instances of cruelty and neglect.

A recent report by Scottish SPCA found that the cost of living crisis is currently the biggest threat to animal welfare, with 72% of pet owners saying they think the cost of living will impact their animals, while almost 70% expressed concern about the cost of care.

Calls to the Scottish SPCA helpline to give up animals have tripled this year and their centres are constantly at capacity with animals that people are no longer able to care for through simply being unable to afford to pay for food or veterinary costs.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Scottish SPCA centre in Ayrshire last year and I’m always happy to support their work in Parliament – whether that’s attending briefings or helping pass key legislation, like the Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill.

More information about the services Scottish SPCA provide, advice about looking after your pets, or to support the work of Scottish SPCA, can be found here:


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