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Scottish Unemployment Continues to Fall

Unemployment rates in Scotland fell nearly one percentage point over the last quarter to 4.6%, the lowest rate of unemployment since 2008 according to the latest Office of National Statistics figures.

Labour Market figures for June to August 2016 show Scotland continues to outperform the UK on female employment, unemployment and inactivity rates.

Scotland is also outperforming the UK on youth unemployment with the rate falling 5.0 percentage points over the year to 12.2%.

Figures show:

• Unemployment fell by 0.8 percentage points over the quarter to 4.6%;

• The number of people unemployed also fell by 25,000 over the quarter to 127,000;

• There are 54,000 more people in employment now compared to the pre-recession peak of March – May 2008;

• Scotland continues to outperform the UK on female employment, unemployment and inactivity rates.

Commenting on the figures, Kenneth Gibson said:

“I am pleased the latest labour market figures show encouraging signs for our economy with unemployment levels falling and Scotland outperforming the rest of the UK in terms of female employment, unemployment and inactivity rates.

“Despite continuing economic concerns following the EU referendum result, these latest figures show our policies are helping to reduce unemployment. We will not be complacent and are absolutely committed to taking action to tackle inequalities, invest and increase employment.

“Our Labour Market Strategy sets out how we will put fairness at the heart of our drive to boost the economy, create jobs and remove any barriers to work and our planned £500 million Scottish Growth Fund will support businesses during these uncertain times.

“Our capital spending plans this year will provide a significant boost, with£6 billion worth of projects already under construction to support activity and jobs in our economy. We will continue to push the UK Government to match this action and put forward their own capital stimulus package.

“While we are doing all we can to boost our economy it’s clear that we need to protect Scotland’s relationship with the EU so we can build on these positive economic trends, rather than put this progress and Scottish jobs under threat.”

The publication is available to view here. The figures also show there are 180,000 more people in employment now compared to the lowest point of the recession, during February to April 2010.



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