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Serious Organised Crime Taskforce Strategy Updated

The SNP Government has updated its Serious Organised Crime Taskforce Strategy to strengthen it further following a number of notable successes that have greatly benefitted Scotland’s communities and businesses.

Police Scotland and the National Crime Agency actively work with agencies in Scotland, the UK and internationally to tackle organised crime and to dismantle the groups responsible.

This activity has delivered significant successes in recent times, particularly through the UK-wide Operation Venetic, and Scottish Operation Barricade which has seen the removal of firearms and significant quantities of illegal drugs from our streets alongside a number of arrests.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“This updated strategy puts the emphasis firmly on identifying key threats, putting our response to those at the heart of our efforts.

“We will have the greatest chance of success if everyone in Scotland plays their part in continuing to disrupt serious organised crime groups to reduce the harm they cause to our communities.”



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