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Seven Family Reasons to vote SNP

The SNP believes in giving every child in Scotland the best start in life and implementing policies to achieve this. If re-elected on 06 May, the SNP Government will go even further.

Here are seven reasons why re-electing an SNP Government is the best vote for families:

1. Delivering Baby Boxes and Parental Mental Health Support

We will continue offering the immensely popular free Baby Box - from which 10,347 Ayrshire babies had already benefitted by the end of February - to all of Scotland’s babies, and explore ways that it can be used to further promote women’s health and support parental mental health.

2. Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare to 1,140 hours from August

Free Early Learning and Childcare will be delivered for all 3-and 4-year olds as well as vulnerable 2-year olds, rising from 600 to 1,140 hours a year. This is supported by £840 million of additional funding. This will save families thousands of pounds each year in child care costs, create 12,000 jobs and enable more mothers to return to work.

3. Renewal of every play park in Scotland

A £60 million Play Park Renewal Fund will refurbish every play park in North Ayrshire and Scotland, ensuring every child in Scotland has access to a place to play in their own community.

4. Expansion of Free School Meals and Breakfasts to all Primary School Pupils

We will extend free school breakfasts and lunches to every primary school pupil in Scotland, all year round, to all children in state-funded special schools in Scotland – saving families an estimated £650 a year per child.

5. Investment in free laptops and internet for pupils and school infrastructure

North Ayrshire Council and other local authorities will receive an additional £350 million to provide technical support and training for teachers. This will help Scotland’s children as they learn on new free internet devices and improve our schools’ electronic infrastructure.

6. Doubling the Scottish Child Payment

We will double the weekly Scottish Child Payment - a payment unavailable elsewhere in the UK - to £20 per week and expand the upper age limit from 6 to 16 years old, benefitting 400,000 children in 250,000 households.

7. Expansion of Best Start payments

The Best Start Food payment will increase to £4.50 per week and its eligibility will be extended to everyone in receipt of Universal Credit; in addition to continued payments via the Best Start Grants - the Pregnancy and Baby Payment, Early Learning Payment and School Age Payment.

Only an SNP Government will guarantee all of the above and more to support Scotland’s families.



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