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On Wednesday I met with Smart Energy GB in Holyrood to learn more about the roll out of smart meters to businesses and homes across Scotland.

Every household in Britain will be offered a smart meter by 2025, regardless of whether you are a homeowner, rent or have a prepay meter.

Gas and electricity suppliers are responsible for providing and fitting smart meters at no extra cost.

Smart meters allow us to visualise our energy use and see the impact of making small energy saving changes. As a result, 86% of people with a smart meter have said that they have changed how they do things around the house to use less energy – helping to save money and contributing towards reaching Net Zero.

A new generation of smart meters will eventually allow us to choose when we use electricity – meaning we can run appliances or charge electric vehicles at off peak times.

Trials are already underway to reward customers for delaying electricity use – ensuring the grid doesn’t become overloaded as new demands are placed on it.

To find out more about smart meters and how you can apply for yours, visit:


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