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SNP Action on Vaping and Tobacco Sales

This week, the SNP Government announced further action will be taken to tackle smoking and vaping in Scotland.

These recommendations are being taken forward following a consultation on ‘Creating a Smokefree Generation and Tackling Youth Vaping’ last year.

This will include a ban on disposable vapes which are having a harmful impact on our environment as well as the health of our children.

With an estimated 76,000 under-18s in Scotland vaping and this number increasing year-on-year, it is evident that those colourful, fruit-flavoured, cheap devices are no longer only a means of quitting smoking.

Allowing single-use vapes to be sold in shops where they are placed next to sweets and often put on special offer has encouraged younger people to damage their health.

The plans will also raise the tobacco age of sale so that no one born on or after 01 January 2009 can ever legally be sold tobacco in Scotland; tobacco being responsible for one in six Scottish deaths, even now!

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