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SNP Action Sees Record Levels of Green Energy

Renewable technologies generated the equivalent of 113% of Scotland’s overall electricity consumption in 2022, new figures show.

This is the highest recorded to date and a 26-percentage point increase compared to 2021, showing a major step towards the SNP Government’s goal of making Scotland a Net Zero nation.

The SNP Government is also working to ensure Scotland maximises the economic benefits the sector will bring through commitments such as providing up to £500 million to leverage private investments to support infrastructure and the offshore wind supply chain.

In contrast, just months ago the UK Tory government sanctioned a series of U-turns on its own climate commitments, which doesn’t only put the UK woefully behind it its own climate targets, but will have a drag effect on Scotland’s journey towards a just transition.

And under Sir Keir Starmer, a Labour UK government will scrap its pledge of £28 billion worth of green investment each year – threatening Scotland’s energy security, economic growth and potential for a new skilled workforce.

The full report can be read via the following link:


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