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SNP detail Manifesto for a Greener Scotland

The SNP has unveiled its manifesto for a greener Scotland outlining the party’s commitment to ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change by 2045.

Fittingly, the SNP chose today, which is Earth Day 2021 with as theme ‘Restore our Earth’ to launch the pledge.

With this environmental mini-manifesto, an SNP Government pledges to:

  • Increase progress towards becoming a net-zero nation by investing in tackling the climate crisis and our Climate Change Plan - updated with 100 new policies - will help us do that.

  • Bring forward a Circular Economy Bill to promote the reuse of products and reduce waste, take action to ban single-use plastic, implement the Deposit Return Scheme, and create a fund for innovation in tackling textile pollution.

  • Invest an additional £500 million in our natural economy, publish a strategy to tackle the biodiversity crisis, and remain committed to protecting at least 30% of Scotland’s land and a ten year investment of more than £250 million to support the restoration of 250,000 hectares of Scottish peatland by 2030.

  • Support the development of low carbon farms.

  • Decarbonise the heating of one million homes by 2030 and all new homes and buildings from 2024 will use renewable or zero emissions heating. This is backed by a £1.6m investment.

  • Revolutionise our transport system by reducing the use of cars – measured as ‘car kilometres’ - by 20% by 2030, phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, provide free bikes for all pupils who cannot afford them, remove the majority of fossil fuel buses from public transport by 2023, and create a greener, publicly owned railway.

  • Increase targets for new woodland creation by 50%, from 12,000 to 18,000 hectares per year by 2025.

  • Use Scotland’s role at COP 26 to help secure a Glasgow Agreement that sees all countries commit to taking the action needed to tackle the climate crisis and appoint Environmental Champions to advise the government.

  • Publish a document on Scotland’s world-leading target to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030 and double our Climate Justice Fund to £24 million.

The SNP has also committed to making the most of Scotland’s massive potential in its new hydrogen sector, vowed it will not support fracking and promised to support Carbon Neutral Islands, which would include pilots for some islands to run on 100% renewable energy, to create circular economies tackling and processing waste and exploring more sustainable transport options.

Cunninghame North SNP Candidate Kenneth Gibson said:

“Scotland is already leading the way on climate change with its world-leading emissions, tree planting and peatland restoration targets, which not only supports biodiversity but also tackles harmful emissions and creates good, green jobs - often in rural communities. And, if re-elected, we will go further.

“An SNP Government will revolutionise Scotland’s transport system, how we produce our own food, and how we build homes.

“We will continue to invest in nature based solutions, promote climate justice, demonstrate our climate leadership on the global stage and become a leading hydrogen nation.

“To make Scotland’s future fairer and greener, we have to re-elect an SNP Government. Whether you are returning a postal vote today or heading to the polling station on 06 May, make it #bothvotesSNP.”



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