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SNP Focus on Improving Attainment

Sustained investment in learning, from early years to further and higher education will continue to drive up attainment and mobilise all of Scotland’s talents under SNP Government plans.

In 2016-17 we will see:

• Continued investment in 600 hours of annual free early learning and childcare for three and four year olds and eligible two year olds, as well as free school meals for P1-P3 pupils. • £33 million invested to accelerate attainment, raising activity and improve standards for all. • An £88 million funding package to maintain teacher numbers and ensure teaching induction places are secured for all probationers. • Sustained investment in school buildings through local authorities and Scotland’s Schools for the Future programme. • Expansion of the Education Maintenance Allowance - abolished in England - and Modern Apprenticeship programmes. • Protecting investment in Scotland’s colleges and continuing to invest over £1 billion in higher education, while ensuring Scottish domiciled students continue to benefit from free tuition.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The SNP Government is determined to create a world class education system and ensure that all Scotland’s children and young people have a chance to flourish. Closing the ‘attainment gap’ in educational outcomes is key to our ambition of creating a fairer Scotland.

“We are investing in our teachers and providing £33 million to raise attainment right across Scotland, including focused support for children from our most disadvantaged communities.

"Implementation of the National Improvement Framework will support parents, teachers and policy-makers and provide a much clearer picture of what works best in improving educational outcomes for all.

“Given its critical role in our economy and communities, we have also maintained funding to Scotland’s reformed colleges, whilst continuing to invest over £1 billion in our higher education institutions in 2016-17. We will protect free university tuition to ensure that access to higher education remains based on the ability to learn not the ability to pay.

“Scotland’s young people are key to ensuring Scotland has a very bright future. That is why the SNP Government is investing in their potential, so that together, we can build a stronger economy with opportunities for all.

“We will continue to support the implementation of key measures within our youth employment strategy including the expansion of the Modern Apprenticeship programme and Education Maintenance Allowance support, enhanced careers advice and supporting greater employer engagement with education."


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