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SNP Government Awards £9 Million to XLCC to Manufacture Subsea Cables at Hunterston

The SNP Government, through its agency, Scottish Enterprise, has awarded £9 million to develop its plans at Hunterston.

XLCC is working with Scottish Enterprise, North Ayrshire Council, Skills Development Scotland, local schools, colleges, our local MP and MSP to deliver the £1,400 million cable manufacturing facility in ways that will maximise economic benefits for the people of North Ayrshire.

The cable will carry solar and wind-generated electricity from Morocco to the UK.

Recent industry projections indicate that subsea cable demand will outstrip supply by 2.5 times in 2030. Some of the existing manufacturers have supply backlogs of nine years, presenting a bottleneck for the energy transition that XLCC aims to help resolve.

The project is predicted to create 900 permanent jobs.

Neil Gray MSP, the Wellbeing Economy Secretary, said:

“Our offshore renewables capabilities are accelerating more widely over the next five years, with up to £500m additional Scottish Government investment and work progressing on our Green Industrial Strategy.

“This will help create thousands of sustainable jobs and can secure a just transition for our energy sector and a fairer, greener Scotland for everyone.”

Local MSP Kenneth Gibson added:

“I’m delighted to work with XLCC to bring both jobs and the green energy revolution to North Ayrshire.

“This £9 million grant shows the faith Scottish Ministers have in XLCC to deliver at Hunterston.”


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