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SNP Government Consultation on Loneliness Welcomed

Kenneth Gibson MSP has welcomed a consultation looking at the causes of social isolation and loneliness and how they can be addressed.

Views are also being sought on how communities can build on the work of the SNP Government, and lead on ensuring those at risk of becoming lonely or isolated have access to the right support networks.

The consultation forms part of the development process of a new national strategy to tackle loneliness and isolation - one of the first in the world.

Kenneth Gibson MSP, who has been running his own local campaign to tackle loneliness since early December, urges everyone to make their views known:

“I encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in shaping the SNP Government’s new loneliness and isolation strategy, since we all have a role to play in reducing loneliness in North Ayrshire and across Scotland.

“Loneliness is linked to both poor physical and mental health, and can have wide-ranging consequences on so many aspects of our lives.

“In my own local campaign, I also try to dispel the common misconception that only the elderly suffer from loneliness; while in fact, loneliness is most common amongst the age group of 18-34.

“Even taking the time to stop and have a chat to someone can have a hugely positive impact. You may be the only person they speak to all week.”

The consultation will run until 30 April and can be accessed via the link below.



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