• Kenneth Gibson MSP

SNP Government continues Grant Support for North Ayrshire Businesses

Across North Ayrshire, 1,103 businesses received £7,520,700 funding from the SNP Government’s Strategic Framework Business Fund (SFBF) by 22 March and all 792 eligible North Ayrshire businesses had received £5,399,000 in Hospitality, Retail and Leisure Top Up payments as of 26 March.

From the separate Local Authority Discretion Fund, £250,000 was paid to 167 North Ayrshire businesses.

North Ayrshire Council (NAC) was allocated £9,320,000 by the SNP Government to deliver the SFBF.

Of the awarded funding, £6,950,900 was made under the Business Closure Fund and £569,800 under the Restrictions Fund.

In March, the First Minister announced that grants of up to £7,500 for retailers and up to £19,500 for hospitality and leisure businesses would be paid in April to help businesses re-open gradually, which is now happening.

These one-off restart grants have replaced the SFBF payments of up to £3,000 every four weeks, providing money up front to help with the costs of re-opening as we emerge from the latest lockdown.

Cunninghame North SNP candidate Kenneth Gibson said:

“As the only candidate who lives in this constituency, I understand how difficult the past year has been for local businesses. I see it with my own eyes.

“The SFBF and other SNP Government grants have made a real difference.

“Let’s make sure we support our cherished businesses and, more than ever, Shop Local.”

The SNP Government also extended 100% non-domestic rates relief for retail, leisure, hospitality and aviation businesses until 31 March 2022.