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SNP Government Delivered 21% More Affordable Homes Over the Last Year

Latest figures show the SNP Government delivered 8,767 affordable homes in the year to September 2018, a 21 % rise in the number built in Scotland the previous year.

A total of 80,104 affordable homes have now been built since the SNP came into Government in 2007.

There were 5,340 social rented homes delivered, an increase of 864 (19%), on the previous 12 months.

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart MSP said:

“Making sure everyone has a safe, warm and affordable home is central to our drive for a fairer and more prosperous Scotland.

"That is why I am proud that this government has now delivered more than 80,000 affordable homes since 2007. This is a significant achievement, boosting the supply of affordable homes right across the country.

“During the course of this Parliament we are investing more than £3 billion to deliver our target of at least 50,000 affordable, high-quality homes, including 35,000 for social rent.

“While we know this is an ambitious target, we have shown we can deliver on housing and we will continue to do so.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP commented:

“Since 2014, Scotland has seen 50% more affordable housing units delivered per head of population than in England; an annual average of 137 homes per 100,000 population, compared with 86 in England.

“The SNP Government has furthermore delivered more than six times as many social rented properties in Scotland per head of population than in England; an annual average of 84 homes per 100,000 population in Scotland compared to just 13 in England.

“North Ayrshire Council too benefits from the SNP Government’s support, including the £102,188,000 it will receive to build 1,732 new council homes over five years. That is £59,000 funding support per home, without which NAC would not be able to deliver.

“The SNP Government works consistently and with determination to provide affordable housing, once again highlighting the 2003-2007 Labour/Lib Dem coalition only built six council houses, all of them in Shetland. It put starkly contrasts the SNP Government with the lack of political will and ambition amongst other parties to provide people with good quality affordable housing.”



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