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SNP Government: Enhanced Support for Early Exporters

New Regional Export Partnerships sharing trade objectives and a tripling of the number of exporting advisors are amongst SNP plans announced today to boost trade.

The ‘Global Scotland Trade and Investment Strategy 2016-2021’ renews the Government’s and enterprise agencies’ focus on attracting inward investment, driving exports and promoting Scottish interests globally, especially in the Middle and Far East.

The strategy galvanises a ‘One Scotland’ approach, by:

• Tripling the number of exporting advisors in Scotland;

• Funding new Innovation and Investment Hubs in London, Dublin and Brussels, to attract inward investment and help companies and academia access new markets and investors;

• Strengthening Scottish Development International’s High Growth Market Unit to help businesses enter and grow in China, India and the Middle East; and

• Building Scotland’s profile and reputation by using a clear identity for international trade activities of the Scottish Government, its agencies and organisations receiving government funding.

The strategy also aims to progress Scotland as a global innovation centre providing solutions to global challenges such as population growth, IT security and energy systems. And for the first time, business will be encouraged to play its part in promoting human rights and supporting development through trade.

Deputy first minister John Swinney MSP said:

“In a rapidly changing and globalised world, our ability to grow and create a fairer Scotland depends more than ever on trading and on attracting investment.

“Scotland continues to be the most attractive place in the UK outside London for inward investment and events such as the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and the Independence Referendum have put Scotland firmly on the map.

"With international exports increasing by 17% in the past five years, the strategy builds on this success and aims to help more Scottish businesses sell more goods and services to more markets, while helping existing investors to develop and grow in Scotland.”

Mr Swinney made the announcement ahead of a visit to eCom Scotland in Dunfermline, a successful export company that produces management, development and training software such as eLearning and online assessment.

Wendy Edie, Managing Director, eCom Scotland added:

“It’s our focus on R&D which has enabled us to develop innovative technologies for workforce learning and assessment, an industry valued at $4 billion globally. We have used experience from UK projects to identify opportunities to lead best practice internationally. Helping us expand into new markets and create digital jobs in Scotland.”

Managing director of Scottish Development International Paul Lewis commented:

“International trade and investment is crucial to growing businesses and to developing our economy, bringing with it increased productivity, expanded horizons and exciting new partnerships. This Strategy will help us extend the real benefits of international trade to more businesses operating in more markets while also building on Scotland’s reputation as a leading location for international investment.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP remarked:

“New regional export partnerships will ensure the public and private sectors work to shared trade goals, while Scottish Development International will triple the number of export advisers working with businesses in Scotland. Working across Government and with partners, we will take the strengths of Scotland’s economy to the rest of the world to grow export markets and attract new international capital investment.”


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