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SNP Government Establishes Fund for Newborns in Hospital

From 01 April, the SNP Government’s new Neonatal Expenses Fund became available to all parents to support them to spend as much time with their babies as possible, while they are receiving care within a neonatal unit.

The new £1.5 million fund was set up to help parents of premature and sick new-born babies meet the additional costs they face because of their baby being in hospital.

The fund will help more than 8,000 families a year with travelling, parking and subsistence costs.

As Health Secretary Shona Robison MSP met new parents at the Simpson’s Centre for Reproductive Health at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, she said:

Having a premature or sick baby is a hugely testing and emotional time for parents. We want to ensure they are supported and involved as possible in decision-making around their baby’s care and have more opportunities to bond as a family during these early days.

“For some parents, getting to and from the hospital every day can be a big additional expense and this is where the Neonatal Expenses Fund can help. Easing the pressure of being able to afford to get to your baby will, I hope, be one less thing for parents in this situation to worry about.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

Having children is a wonderful thing, but can also be challenging and difficult to plan for. Parents who are immediately confronted with the heartbreak of having to leave their new-born in the hospital due to sickness, is difficult enough in itself. Add the practical and financial implications of unforeseen circumstances to this and it all becomes extremely challenging.

The Neonatal Expenses Fund is there to provide a contribution towards the expenses of having a new-born in hospital. North Ayrshire families will be able to claim for travel costs of one return journey, parking - if unable to park free in hospital grounds - and up to £8.50 in subsistence costs per day via NHS Ayrshire & Arran, for the duration of their baby’s stay in the neonatal unit.

These costs can be a worry for new parents with a new-born who may not be OK. Giving them one less thing to worry about means this fund will make a difference to the lives of those who need it.”

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