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  • Kenneth Gibson MSP

SNP Government extends Non-domestic Rates Relief

Thousands of businesses in North Ayrshire and across Scotland will pay no non-domestic rates (NDR) during financial 2021/22, which begins in April, under proposals outlined in the Scottish Parliament this week.

The 100% NDR relief will include properties in the retail, hospitality, leisure and aviation sectors, and newspaper publishing. The extension of this relief for the full year is expected to save ratepayers £719 million.

Other additional spending in 2021/22 includes:

  • £120 million for mental health

  • £120 million for affordable housing

  • £100 million to support people on low incomes

  • £60 million for schools to help pupils catch-up on missed education

  • £60 million for NHS recovery

  • £45 million for heat decarbonisation, energy efficiency and fuel poverty

  • £21.5 million for Scottish Enterprise

North Ayrshire Council and other local authorities will together receive a further £275 million in the current financial year to address COVID-19 pressures, while a further £40 million is being made available to support the safe reopening of schools.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

“The decision to extend NDR relief to the full financial year 2021/22 is very welcome and will provide a great boost to our hard-pressed retail, hospitality, leisure and aviation sectors and our newspaper industry.

“Even when coronavirus restrictions can safely be lifted, there will be a continued impact and NDR relief will help businesses, including our local newspapers, get back on their feet.”


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