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SNP Government Help to get on the Housing Ladder

The SNP Government has opened a scheme to enable first-time buyers, veterans, older people and social housing tenants to own their own home.

The Open Market Shared Equity (OMSE) scheme is available across Scotland to first-time buyers on low or medium incomes who cannot afford the full price of a home

Successful applicants will be able to buy a home without having to purchase it in full, usually paying 60% to 90% of its value. The SNP Government will pay for and own the remaining share.

Kenneth Gibson MSP said:

"It’s not easy to secure a foot on the property ladder, not least after 14 interest rate rises since January 2022.

"Through the OMSE scheme, we will help as many people as possible afford a home.

"I encourage any first-time buyer or if they are in a priority group, listed below, to consider applying.

Eligible groups include:

• First time buyers

• People aged 60 and over

• Council or housing association tenants

• Disabled people

• Members of the armed forces

• Veterans who left the armed forces in the last two years

• Widows, widowers and other bereaved partners of armed forces personnel who lost their lives while serving

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