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SNP Government Improves BPV Charging Network

Drivers of BPVs (Battery Powered Vehicles) across Scotland will be able to plug in to an improved charging network thanks to a new agreement between Transport Scotland and Charge Your Car (CYC).

CYC won a £750,000 contract to operate the Charge Place Scotland network of 550 BPV charge points. Key benefits include:

• New 24-hour / 365-day dedicated Charge Place Scotland customer helpline; • Enhanced fault management system; • Dedicated Charge Place Scotland network manager based in Scotland; and • New Charge Place Scotland website, Twitter and Facebook accounts to enhance customer communications.

The Charge Place Scotland network of publicly available BPV charge points is funded by Transport Scotland. It now comprises almost 1,100 bays (equating to over 550 charge points) across Scotland.

In the year to 31 March 2016, the network delivered around 1,220,000 kWh of electricity.

Kenneth Gibson said:

"Having pressed for an increased number of charging points in a parliamentary debate back in March, I am delighted that the SNP Government had laid out a clear vision of freeing towns, cities and communities from emissions from fossil-fuelled vehicles by 2050.

"The aim is to encourage more businesses and individuals to switch to BVPs and so investment in growing and operating the network across Scotland is vital."

The issue of easily and widely available electricity charging-stations is a major 'push-pull' factor for consumers when considering buying a BPV. No driver wants to run out electricity on a remote road, far from a refuelling station.

Although the vast majority of BPVs are still currently bought by fleet buyers, the Nissan Leaf also make a BPV-taxi version, while, at the other end of the consumer scale, Tesla is pushing the 'one-charge' range of its BPVs.

With 'high end' BPV cars, vehicle manufacturers have managed to make performance certainly as good as or possibly even better than comparative internal combustion vehicles and this is expected to improve across the range.

With prospect of free 'glow your own' DIY electricity from domestic solar power panels, there will be even more options for the development and use of BPVs.



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