• Kenneth Gibson

SNP Government Investment on Fixing Potholes Twice that of UK

The amount spent on local roads per head of population in Scotland over the past five years totalled £657.61, above the UK average expenditure of just £436 per head.

At £621.46 per head, the amount spent by the SNP Scottish Government on trunk roads was almost twice the UK average of £312 per head.

In England and Wales, expenditure on fixing potholes fell by 24% last year, whereas it rose by 1.6% in Scotland.

According to a BBC report, 30% of A-roads in Scotland are either in a poor condition or require further assessment. That works out at 2,220 kilometres (1,380 miles) of road. Some 35% - or 16,500 kilometres - of minor roads were deemed in a poor condition, or earmarked for further inspection.

The worst performing local authority areas include North Ayrshire in 5th worst place.

Kenneth Gibson commented:

“People are rightly concerned at the state of Scotland’s roads. Bad weather combined with heavy volumes of traffic have taken their toll. I am heartened therefore that Scottish Ministers have taken heed of this and that there will be a 20.1% real-terms increase in Structural repair spending in 2018/19 from £27.9 million to £34 million and a 4.1% increase on Routine and Winter Maintenance from £85.1 million to £89.9 million.

“Potholes are a nightmare for drivers and cyclists alike. I am pleased that the SNP Government is spending twice as much per-capita as down south. Despite this, Tory MSPs continually criticise the SNP Government over this issue, ignoring the feeble efforts of their own UK Government.

“It will be a long time before our roads are in the condition we want them to be, however progress is being made.”