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SNP Government Invests £4 Million in 26 New Largs Council Houses

Last Monday work at the site of the former St Mary’s Primary School began, following early preparatory works.

Following extensive assessment of the council’s proposal, the SNP Government confirmed its willingness to fund the project through its Affordable Housing Supply Programme, recognising the shovel-ready status of the project and its contribution to increasing local and national social housing supply. As a result, the £6 million project will be supported by £4 million SNP Government grant funding.

A total of 26 new homes will be built on the site, which will be a natural extension to the neighbouring £19.2 million 123-home Flatt Road development which was completed in 2021.

The development at Linn Avenue will be the latest addition to the council’s house-building programme which is delivering 1,625 new homes across North Ayrshire.

The SNP Government’s continuing investment in new council housing is in stark contrast to Labour, whose 2003-2007 administration built only six council houses across Scotland in four years!


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