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SNP Government invests £65 Million to Support for Drugs Services

Drug support services are benefitting from a £65 million boost to drive down the number of drug deaths each year.

Life-saving organisations which help people who use drugs turn their lives around and offer support to their families are invited to apply for this Government funding which will help people on their road to recovery.

The money, from the additional £250 million national mission funding, is being channelled through three funds, all of which are currently open to applications.

The Local Support Fund supports services to increase capacity so they can reach more people in their communities.

The Improvement Fund supports organisations delivering residential rehabilitation and associated services.

The Children and Families Fund provides financial help to those working with the loved ones of those affected.

Applications are administered through the CORRA Foundation, a charity which aims to make grants available to projects which make a difference to people and communities.

Drugs Policy Minister Angela Constance MSP said:

“The number of lives lost to drugs is still too high in Scotland and these funds are vital for those services working on the frontline to help those affected and their families.

“These organisations save lives and we want to support them so they can extend as far into their communities as possible and offer people the support they need when and where they need it.

“£65 million of the additional £250 million set aside for the national mission on drug deaths over the course of this Parliament will go directly to these funds and we are determined to make every penny count.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“While some progress has been made in reducing the number of drug-related deaths this year, we have to keep supporting those on the ground who are doing phenomenal work with those who are addicted as well as supporting their families.

“We all wish more deaths could be prevented but the reality is that it’s a long and difficult process, as we are dealing with real people and addiction is an extremely complex condition.

“This is why the SNP Government continues to invest heavily in projects run by skilled workers to help deliver the right kind of support at the right time.”



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