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SNP Government Joins OIX to Access Expertise in Online Identity Verification

The SNP Government has joined the Online Identity Exchange (OIX), an international non-profit organisation made up of leaders from different business sectors that promotes good practice in digital identity verification. OIX collaborates with governments, councils, identity providers and others to address challenges around digital identity. The SNP Government’s Online Identity Assurance team has spent the last few months developing a common approach to online identity assurance for access to public services whereby a person can sign in and prove who they are safely and securely. Following a ‘discovery’ phase of gathering information on people’s experiences of proving their identity online, along available technical options, the next phase, ‘alpha’, where some ideas are tested will launch next month.

Kenneth GIbson MSP commented: “The SNP Government team has looked at best practice worldwide, particularly the way the UK Government Digital Service has worked with the private sector to tackle common issues around digital identity verification and authentication.

“Their work with OIX will deliver the safety and security assurances around identity needed to deliver Scotland’s public services online.” Team member Ross Clark added: “As a worldwide, non-profit, cross-sector membership organisation that provides industry leadership for online identity assurance, OIX are a natural fit with the aims of what we are seeking to do in Scotland.” ENDS


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