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SNP Government Launches Campaign to Limit Appeal of Vapes

The SNP Government has published a new Tobacco and Vaping Framework setting out actions to create a tobacco-free generation by 2023, including raising the age limit for sales of tobacco and improved services to help people quit.

Scottish Ministers will also review what further action is needed to limit the appeal of vapes to children, young people and non-smokers, including a new marketing campaign ‘Take Hold’, to inform parents, carers and school pupils of the dangers of vaping.

The campaign will increase awareness of the harms and risks of nicotine addiction associated with vaping, with school across Scotland being provided with digital guidance packs and resources.

Although e-cigarettes are one of a range of tools for adult smokers to quit smoking, they should never be used by young people or adult non-smokers.

For more information on the harm vaping causes, please visit:


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