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SNP Government provides £4 Million Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

The SNP Government will provide both financial aid and medical supplies to Ukraine following Russia‘s illegal invasion.

Firstly, an initial £4m in humanitarian aid will be provided. As part of the global humanitarian efforts, this will help provide basic humanitarian assistance, including in health, water and sanitation, and shelter.

In addition to financial aid, the Scottish Government will provide medical supplies to Ukraine.

Officials are in discussions with humanitarian aid agencies to identify the best route to get this aid most quickly to those affected by the Ukraine crisis, including to those displaced by the invasion.

The supplies provided are based on a list of urgently needed medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals provided by the Ukrainian Government via their Edinburgh consulate. These will include anaesthetic machines, syringe pumps and bandages.

Further work is underway to identify what further supplies can be provided and in what quantities, in order that they can be shipped to Ukraine as quickly as possible.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“Scotland has given its unqualified support for Ukrainian independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and to the people of Ukraine as they bravely resist the unprovoked and illegal aggression of the Russian regime.

“As a responsible and compassionate global citizen we will help with an initial £4 million in financial aid to provide essential help to those in desperate need.

“And we are also working with the Ukrainian government to provide medical supplies from stocks we hold. We are coordinating with other UK nations to ensure that these supplies get to where they are desperately needed as quickly as possible.

“There will be much more that we need to do in the days to come. But one thing is already clear. Words of support are not enough. Ukraine needs our active help and support now, and we will provide as much practical support as possible, starting immediately.”

Kenneth Gibson MSP added:

“I am pleased at the SNP Government’s immediate and tangible support for our Ukrainian friends in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

“Scotland’s Humanitarian Emergency Response Fund is currently assessing the response capacity on the Ukraine crisis, while the the Scottish Government is working with NGOs and United Nations agencies to explore the best ways of raising funds and coordinating humanitarian efforts.

“The UN has launched an appeal on Tuesday week to fund its humanitarian operations in Ukraine, with the need expected to be more than $1 billion in donations for humanitarian relief in Ukraine over the next three months.



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