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SNP Government Provides Emergency Funding for Private Water Supplies

The SNP Government is making funding available to Local Authorities and Scottish Water to ensure that emergency supplies of drinking water are provided to communities where their private water supplies have run dry.

Although the vast majority of Scottish properties have access to public water, nearly 4% of the population rely on private water supplies. The majority of these are from springs and burns which are vulnerable to lengthy periods of dry weather.

The recent Water Scarcity Report from The Scottish Environment Protection Agency shows that river flows are low in many areas, increasing the risk that private supplies will run dry.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham MSP, and Finance and Economy Secretary Derek Mackay MSP have written to all local authorities to ask them to work with Scottish Water to ensure that affected communities are provided with emergency supplies.

Announcing the additional funding, Mr Mackay said:

“An adequate supply of drinking water is something that most of us take for granted. However, for those who are not connected to the public supply, this is not the case particularly in prolonged dry periods.

“We are determined to ensure that no one goes without drinking water because of the current dry spell. For this reason, I have confirmed to Local Authorities and Scottish Water that the Scottish Government will cover the additional costs incurred where emergency supplies need to be provided."

Kenneth Gibson added:

“In North Ayrshire there are approximately 280 known private water supplies, the majority of which are on the Isle of Arran.

“Should you be experiencing difficulties with your private supply, please contact North Ayrshire Council’s Environmental Health department at:

01294 324339 for advice and assistance.

“I urge everyone across North Ayrshire, whether connected to the public or a private supply, to use water wisely in the coming weeks to ease the pressure facing the water network and to help conserve water supplies.”



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